There was chaos at city hall this afternoon during deliberations on the Kampala Capital City Authority Amendment Bill 2015 prompting the Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago to suspend the council meeting.

Trouble started after division councilors who had filled up the gallery applauded the arguments made by the divisional mayors that didn’t please majority of the authority councilors, who are opposition leaning.

A visibly angry Lukwago couldn’t stand the applause from the gallery when Joyce Ssebugwawo, the Lubaga Division Mayor asked what the KCCA councilors would benefit once the bill is withdrawn as they demanded.

The lord mayor  Erias Lukwago has accused the minister of Kampala Betty Kamya for mobilizing the urban councilors to block the discussions of the KCCA amendment bill.

The urban councilors interrupted discussions of the bill after the state minister for Kampala Benny Namugwanya presenting a ministerial report on the proposed amendments to the KCCA Act, but the urban councilors could not allow anyone who proposed negatively about the bill.

At this point, Lukwago suspended the council proceedings. When the two groups moved out, the Authority councilors accused the Division councilors of being compromised by the proposed allowance increase.

While addressing the meeting earlier on, Benny Namugwanya, the Kampala State Minister revealed plans to give the division and KCCA councilors a 20 and 30 percent increase respectively on their allowances, a move which took the councilors by surprise.

The Division councilors accused the Authority councilors of incompetence leading to heated arguments that almost degenerated into physical clashes. It took the intervention of police to restrain the councilors from clashing.

Lukwago thus notes that whatever happened was planned by Kamya who wanted the authority to just agree to whatever was in the bill.

The bill seeks to among other things transfer the administrative powers of the city authority to the central government, introduce a new office of the speaker, dissolve the powers of divisional mayors as well as streamline the governance of the city by clearly defining roles to reduce