By Kiyimba Bruno

According to the global education framework report, launched at Grand Imperial Hotel by the state  minister for primary education  and the woman Member of Parliament Wakiso District, Hon Rosemary Seninde, 4% to 6% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and 15% to 20% of public expenditure respectively are the reported target. The report says that lower income countries lose about USD100billion annually due to multinational tax avoidance.


In about half of all lower income countries, tax ratios are below 15% of the GDP as compared to the emerging economies and 26% in advanced economies.

Speaking during the launch,Dr Joseph Owunyu,one of the speakers aid that it was ashaming that 63% of the graduates do not  have the skills needed by employers when they go the seek jobs.


“Putting policies in place and implementation of the national teachers policy as well as introduction to career progressive ladders to help them build a parallel track for managers”, he added.

Hon Rosemary Seninde, the state minister for primary education said that population grows at a very first rate which can not match with the levels of earning. Hence creating continuous poverty and illiteracy.


Hon Seninde continued saying, “God has given you a chance, do what you must do. The time has come for us to pick documents not keep them in capboards  but use them to move toward. The journey is still long and we must work together.”


The minister continued lamenting that through implementing the work of this report shall reduce poverty, hunger and improve on the health. However Seninde was unhappy with schools that go beyond their limits of teaching. She gave an example of a nursery school child who is taken to school at 5:00am to school since they have to reach their places of work early.

“This must stop and they are things we need to deal with as Ugandans”  Seninde said .

Domestic financing for education is the target for the education framework for action by 2030.