The Deputy a executive Director  centre for constitutional governance, Sarah Bireit says  that Corruption in the land management offices is impacting negatively on the poor people of Uganda.

According to Mrs Bireite, rich people inject in a lot of money on various court cases that the poor end up loosing since they do not have money to inject in.

She adds that in Uganda, justice is granted to the rich and yet the rich know the law that the lay Man has no idea of  even if he was right.

She adds that LCI chairmen are a key role models in stealing land.

“When the LCI chairman dies, the son picks the stamp and inherits the village work.” Said Mrs Bireite.

It is on this note that she commended local activists like Uganda law society, FIDA, Legal network among many more to cone out and fight for the poor man.

The CEO of the Human Rights network Mr Ndifuna Mohammed, says that people must know where to go if they have issues. He also added that people must be educated on the land law.

According to the commissioner in charge of community policing in the Uganda Police Force, afande Namutebi Hadijah, people who evict others from their land must first get court orders. She adds that police helps to evict those who have used the right means as per the law if the republic of Uganda.

On corruption, Afande Namutebi was so biased called government officers who are doing the act to stop and only stick to the law

Among the challenges she mentioned that they find in eviction process are that some people are not sensitised about the law,ending up in a mess.

This was in a one day workshop organized by the Human Rights Network in Uganda (HURINET)  at hotel Africana  where different land activists discussed ideas concerning land under the theme

“Towards peace and reconciliation in land use and management.”