By Kiyimba Bruno
Justice N. D Bateema has advised people from the west Nile to start sleeping with their boys and girls under the same roof in order to curb Gender Sexual Violence in their region.
In moderating a national stakeholders workshop at hotel Africana, different practitioners including health workers,media,police discussed the lessons learnt, grievances as well as ways forward in the clinical management of Gender Based Violence(GBV) as well as Violence Against Women in Uganda.
Hon Batema says that parents in villages have a tendency of giving alote of freedom to their children where boys sleep in their hats as well as girls,leaving them at a risk of being violated sexually which exposes them to dangers of HIV/AIDS ,abortions as well as unwanted pregnancies.
In her presentation,St Marian Namugere,a representative from the ministry of health said that 62% of women in Uganda have experienced sexual violence where 27% have experienced the verge in the last 12 months.
She continued saying that Eastern Uganda as well as the Northern part of the country have the highest rate of sexual violence where Iteso lead the trend, followed by Basoga as well other tribes respectively, where 56% of women in Uganda between the age of 15-49 being culprits of sexual violence. 27% of these  have experienced the grievance in the last 12 months.
It is on this note that she recommended Gender Based Violence training packages be included in all pre-service training packages for health professionals.
The workshop is to take two days to Tuesday 12th of December 2016.