Here are relationship red flags most women look for.

1. A guy that wants too much too soon.

Eish at least know a number of things about the girl before you start fondling her breasts.

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2. Being too possessive, overly jealous and controlling.

3. A short man.

God created you that way, it’s not your fault, we get it. But it is what it is

4. When a man’s personal hygiene is wanting. Yikes!

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5. Inconsistency.

It’s annoying when a man is not consistent. Like he will text you for a while then ghost on you for a month only to return and text you a random “WYD”. SMH.

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6. When a man is all talk no action.

BTW, if you have no money, just shut up, it’s never that serious. It’s better than promising things you cannot afford.

7. A broke ass.

Sorry not sorry love cannot pay bills…

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8. When a man has no ambition at all.

Look, you don’t have to have made it in life. But you gotta show signs that you’re at least trying to get your dream job, start a business, complete your degree or whatever dreams you aspire to achieve.

9. Being rude to service people such as waiters and guards.

If he’s rude to waiters, he’s simply an asshole putting up a facade. Sooner or later, he will start treating you like garbage too.

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10. A man that’s self absorbed.

He always brags about himself, his possessions and his achievements.

11. Is addicted to Social Media.

I honestly cannot be around a man that leaves kissy faces on every other woman’s Instagram post. Take a break from the selfies and save up for a piece of land or something…

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12. Flaking.

When a guy keeps cancelling plans you made, just know that he has options!

13. Anger issues.

you don’t want to be with a guy that can potentially abuse you physically.

14. A mama’s boy.

A man whose life revolves around his mother is a pain in the ass. TRUST!

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15. A guy that cannot handle his alcohol.

If we both get drunk, who will carry who? Surely…