By Kiyimba Bruno

Football is one of the leading sports in the world to catch the eyes of the mass. Many people gain from it while others don’t get a penny. Now this year Buganda Kingdom organized the clan tournament Dabbed “Bika football tournament”

The tournament has now reached its climax where businesses are going to be as profitable as never. This time round, Note shall play Balangaira in football just as Nyonyi Nyange against  Ngeye in netball.  How ever a classification match shall be the first  between nsenene and mamba to get to the bronze medalist shall be.

According to the minister of sports I’m the Buganda Kingdom Hon. Henry Sekabembe, His marjesty the King of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi shall be the chief guest.

When the King of Buganda arrives in a place, all people are yarning to meet him. He pulls the crowd tonte maximum. Now as a business man,this is the time to make money since clients are at climax