By Kiyimba Bruno-
After university owner Hassan Basajjabalaba failing to take KIU students for the university games, many have remained stranded as they do not have enough money to take them back home.
Normally when they go for such games, at least a token of UGX100, 000 is always given to them  to cater for the transport of these students.

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Many are still on streets as they fear to go back home. “I left home when I told them I was going to Kenya for the games. My neighbors now have higher chances of seeing me with a medal in my
neck. I just can’t face them and tell them I did not go”, said Mangala, one of the footballers that the university is basing on.
At this time, transport funds are increasing day by day since Christmas is coming closer. Previously a trip direct to Mbarara under Global coaches was at UGX 1 5,000, an amount that has since doubled to UGX 30,000.
Many of the students say that the time they were expecting transport from their parents is like three days towards the end of the tournament, a period which has not yet elapsed.

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More so they say that some have been chased from the university hostel [Garang memorial hostel] since the time of stay had elapsed.
Girls are now planning to reside in their boyfriend’s rentals as they wait for the time that their parents are supposed to send them transport back.
Jovia Karwana, the dean of students at KIU, says that she is not concerned of the case since the person who has to speak for the university is Alex Busingye, the university public relations officer. By the time students were stressed, Alex was not in office; however we managed to find Barbara, the officer in marketing, who knew nothing totally about these games. In fact she was amazed that it is the media
that gave her the news concerning the games.

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Kalue Caxton Rodgers, the chess coach says that the money that coaches have invested is too much that even Basajjabalaba can not pay back. He added that even temporally coaches are demanding money which the university finance director has never thought of releasing. He added that instead of taking the teams for the games, the university concentrated on giving cocktails to its entire staff where sports
fraternity was not invited.