By Kiyimba Bruno
Kitetikka is a small town that has created its name from selling goat meat. In fact, it has been renamed kumbuzi meaning at the ‘goat place’.
This comes as a result of people who step out of their vehicles or taxis from different directions to come and enjoy muchomo at this place.
Kitetikka is found on Gayaza road, as you slope down from Mpererwe heading to Kasangati. As you near the place, you start smelling the roasted goat meat with lots of people on the right side of the road.
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A kilogram of goat meat is sold at Sh12,000 and in a day, one outlet might sell 10 goats.
This place has attracted many people of whom sportsmen are involved.
As they go for the FMU motorsport in Busiika, no car misses to pass by KUMBUZI.
Other businesses that are done in this place include stone quarrying, lodgings and restaurants, and bars although the lodges that most clients use are in Mpererwe or Kasangati.
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This is because the place is small and very cold.
Workers from companies like Cementers, Parambot breweries, Ugachick, etc come to this place to share the experience of a good life every evening.
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The people around the place are friendly and welcoming.  Though the police station is a distant away which compromises its security. Local council leaders are at work, though. They want to make sure the place is peaceful and lovely.
Joan Namutebi, a goat roaster says that ever since she joined this business, her life has never been the same. She started thinking positively since the clients she serves are educated and always discuss current issues.
 She requested the government to put specific traffic officers in the area so as to curb continuous traffic jam.