NORTH Korea may be on the brink as it has emerged Kim Jong-un has ordered a wave of brutal purges.

Executions and imprisonments have been stepped up as Kim attempted to regain grip of his fragile rule in Pyongyang.

South Korean spies revealed surveillance has also been stepped up on the dictator’s allies.

Defectors have previously revealed Kim remains fearful of having his rule overthrown – both by the US and enemies inside North Korea.

Officials from Seoul’s top spooks the National Assembly Intelligence Committee said the leader is trying to create a “climate of fear”.

It has emerged as US President Donald Trump visits South Korea today with North Korea at the top of the agenda.

“Kim has resumed the purges to tighten controls amid international sanctions and strengthen unity.” Professor Nam

Spooks revealed Kim Jong-un executed one of his generals in charge of anti-aircraft defences in Pyongyang.

Kim began his rule with a series of purges, killing his uncle Jan Song-taek with help of his brother Kim Jong-chol.

The ruler appears to be closing ranks this year as he promoted his sister and ex-girlfirend to top jobs in the party.

Prof. Nam Sung-wook of Korea University said, “Kim has resumed the purges to tighten controls amid international sanctions and strengthen unity.”

Former deputy chief of the North Korean embassy in London, Thae Yong-ho, last week spoke out Kim’s penchant for purges.

He said Kim feels nervous due to his position as Kim Jong-il’s third son – fearing other regime bosses feel “superior”.

Mr Thae revealed the US could trigger North Korea to collapse from within as the power balance is so delicate.

North Korea has ramped up war fears this year as they repeatedly fired missiles and tested an H-bomb.

Now the rogue state is promising to fire the dreaded Juche Bird – a live nuclear missile launched into the Pacific.