By Kiyimba Bruno

KCCA has recieved negative blows as they went to collect money from traders for the rent on the Sunday market in Kampala. This comes up when christmas is on the same day when the traders have to work freely on the kampalas streets with a simple fee of UGX 1500.

Musa Kasule,one of the traders says that he does not see any reason for the KCCA army to come and ask for money yet they know it very well that most of their customers are in villages for chistmas.

Traders vowed not to give any coin to the city leaders saying that what they have eaten is enough and now it is their time t o gain something.

Looking at the KCCA side, these traders are mandated to pay that fee every Sunday whenever they come to do trade in the market.

“if their customers had gone to the villages, why did they come to sell ? infact whom are they selling their comodities to?” asked one of the KCCA soldier.

However the KCCA law enforcement officers  had to leave without a penny since the crowds were becomming wild every comming second.