Following the arrest of SSP Nixon Agasirwe, the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and Internal Security Organization (ISO) operatives have held joint security operations in Kampala and arrested several people including police officers, we can exclusively reveal.

Some of the officers who were arrested Thursday alleged to have participated in the top city horrific murders and robberies include Faisal Katende, Ali Kabanda, Sgt Abel Tumukunde and a one Alex among others and all were operatives from Flying squad.

“All the officers whom we arrested worked under Nixon when he was still in flying squad and in special operations unit and he used them to do his missions so we suspect they know much about Kaweesi and other to city murder cases,” revealed another security source.

Intelligence source further intimated to us that the arrested operatives have accumulated a lot of wealth yet they were earning little in police force.

“Most of those operatives joined police as Special Police Constables (SPC) and were earning less than shs 300,000 a month and have served for not more than seven years but to our surprise they have a lot of wealth,” added another detective from CMI saying that they want to know their source of income.

“Most of these operatives claim to be officers yet they are behind most of the city robberies and murders,” revealed another security source.

Another source added “How can a constable who has worked for five years or less earning less than 300,000 have a house worth shs 150m, posh cars, rentals and millions on account, where does he get all that money if he is not in robbery,” revealed highly security source.

Another source added that they must find source of their wealth even before they joined police.

“We have been informed that Nixon before joining police was a poor man and their family in Bushenyi was also poor and we are told he is one of the richest police officers so where did he get all that money,” said another security chief adding that he might be behind all the city murders and robberies.

The source added that CMI and ISO has got over 10 sensitive files about Nixon which have never been handled by police and want to find out who blocked them.

“We now have three murder cases and five robberies of Nixon which have never been handled and we want to find out why they have been sat on,” added another security chief adding that there could be some top police officer on force leadership protecting Nixon.

Intelligence sources close to CMI and ISO revealed to us last that night that the President gave CMI and ISO full authority to investigate Kaweesi murder and arrest anybody implicated without any interruption from anybody.

“The President directed CMI and ISO to take over Kaweesi murder probe after he was briefed that some senior police officers were trying to kill the investigations.”

The security source added that the President also directed Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura to leave the investigations into Kaweesi murder and concentrate on other investigations.