The death of former AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi has taken a shocking twist after new intelligence leads linked his death to under dealings with the neigbouirng Republic of Rwanda.

According to a case investigator, new leads show that late AIGP Kaweesi could have been murdered by sponsored Rwandan elements after he landed a deal to have the exiled former Chief of Staff of the Rwandan Army Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa from south Africa through Uganda and have him murdered in Uganda but later turned it down.

Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa (born 1962) is a Rwandan former Lieutenant general was also head of Rwandan intelligence from 1998 to 2002 and served as Rwanda’s ambassador to India between 2004 and 2010.

Our highly placed security spy said it is alleged that Kaweesi was given a deal with too much money on his account but feared to execute the deal alone without involving other top government security chiefs to back him up for the mission to be successful.

It is also alleged that Kaweesi after being given the deal, he rushed to State House and narrated the ordeal to president Museveni.

The source added that when president Museveni learnt about it, he advised Kaweesi not to get involved such dirty deal saying that it would bring problems to the country thus Kaweesi abandoned it.

It should be remembered that a day after Kaweesi was murdered near his home in Kulambiro Kisasi, shs 800m was allegedly wired to his accounts by unknown people for unknown reasons.

Born in Rwanda, Nyamwasa grew up in refugee camps in Uganda and earned a law degree in Makerere University. He later joined Yoweri Museveni’s National Resistance Army in January 1986 and served as a Ugandan military officer before 1990.

It is also reported that Gen Nyamwasa has close ties with president Museveni and it is alleged that he sometimes sneaks into Kampala, holds meetings with his contacts and flies back where he stays at a military facility.

This source further said that President Museveni later met Kagame and warned him against dealing with junior officers saying that by the time he got information it could have leaked to the public.

Intelligence has established that Rwandan elements could have established that the information could have leaked after Kaweesi turned down the deal.

It is also indicated that police chief has decided to revisit Kaweesi murder files after several theories came out on his death.

“The death of Kaweesi has got over ten theories all which have been coming out about who could have masterminded it and Gen Kayihura has ordered for a flesh review of all the theories linking to his death so as he can establish the real truth” An intelligence officer reviewing the case told this website.

Another intelligence officer was quoted telling as telling Gen Kayihura that a murder case cannot die saying that even after ten years implicating evidence can come out.

This officer also instructed by Kayihura to revisit Kaweesi murder was also heard giving his both an example of one of the serious murders in the UK where police got incriminating evidence against the suspect after ten years which was used to convict the suspects in court.

Gen Nyamwasa’s former confidant Nobel Marara who recently formed a splinter rebel movement Rwandese Revolutionary Movement this week wrote to President Yoweri Museveni thanking him for cracking the whip on notorious police commanders.

Noble Marara, the spokesperson of the rebel movement, in a strong worded letter hailed Museveni for his bravery of taking legal action against some of the Ugandan Police officers who have been colluding with the Rwandan Security Agents not only to kidnap or kill Rwandans who are on the Ugandan Soil but destabilizing the Security of Uganda.

Marara identifies what he calls a Rwandan serial killer, a one Rene Rutagungira, who is among those arrested for kidnap and illegal deportation of Rwandan refugees.

Noble said his movement has launched a democratic campaign against the regime of President Kagame the same way Museveni personally carried a back-breaking load of hard, tedious, day by day and state by state campaigning against the dictators, from Id Amin, Milton Obote, Juvenal Habyarimana [Rwanda], Mobutu Sésé Seko [Congo], and his efforts to liberate South Sudan.

The recent arrest of Ugandan police officer and Rwandan suspected spy in Uganda has since ignited a serious cold war between Kampala and Kigali curtsey of ebbing diplomatic ties.

Kigali has since reportedly responded by ordering for the sacking of Ugandans employed in key offices in Kigali without clear explanation.