By Kiyimba Bruno


The Katikiro of Buganda Kingdom Peter Mayega has advised government to have peace talks with the people of Kasese and Rwenzori. He says that Buganda as a kingdom is so sad and sorry about the incidences that are happening in the Rwenzori region.



The Katikiro continues to say that Charles Mumbere, the King of Rwenzururu was imprisoned but must be handled in a professional way. This is due to the fact that the Mumbere has people who follow him. Mayiga  says that even the killers have no reason of not being imprisoned.


He also requested government to give more security to prince Kassim Nakibinge, the grandfather of the religion since at this critical moment the prince is not so safe.


The katikiro said these during the kingdom last meeting of the year, on the calendar at Bulange Mengo.

As of today over 60 people have died and many are still shading innocent blood in the Rwenzori region.