By kiyimba Bruno
2016 has been a year of hustling .Many Ugandans up to the last hour are still starving and looking for what to eat. Up to the last day of the year, people are still working, looking for tomorrows survival.
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Today we bring you how Kampala has looked on the last evening of the year 2016 in pictorial
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Many place,people are still working, few vehicles at around 6:00pm, as many places looked busy whether religious or not.
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At Nakivubo, seats are empty awaiting the owners to come and occupy them.
the jean trousers that were sold at UGX 20,000 along the streets of Kampala, are now sold at UGX 10,000. a price that has reduced by 1/2.
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Boda bodas are warming to collect hyps of money;  Police cells are also waiting for occupants.
Prostitutes are warming for customers just as bars are awaiting the drunkards.
Some musicians have already made profits while  others have losses. Palaso is one of those who have made the loss with the stomp the yard concert at casablanca, a bar that got burnt, we don’t know what to say.
But any way let’s  wish you a prosperous new year and thank you for following stories on our page.