By Kiyimba Bruno

Traders around Kampala are not yet happy as they welcome Christmas this year round. This comes up due to the heavy taxation of their commodities by government as well as increasing price of sugar in the country.

Sugar has continuously gone high rising from UGX4500 to UGX 5000 per kilogram at the retail market. This has pressurized many Ugandans since the basic things to use in a home like sugar are the ones expensive.

Traders say that taxes on goods have become a heavy burden which denies them a chance to yield abnormal profits.

In the evenings, streets around Kampala more especially areas near Kikuubo, which is Uganda’s biggest supplier market to retailers to start displaying their goods on streets. They sell them in style. Chanting and singing the prices and beauty of the goods being sold is now the order of the day.

Taxis park on streets to look for their customers as Christmas trees being sold at a price between UGX25000 and UGX100, 000. Balloons are at UGX 200, as disco lights ranging between UGX20, 000 and UGX25,000.

Buyers and traders transacting business in Owino market
Buyers and traders transacting business in Owino market

The mass of the people is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to go to the village to have Christmas with the beloved ones. This has lead to the increment in the transport costs to the different parts of Uganda.

The government has not relaxed on this. Vehicles taking people to distant places have been requested by Uganda police to transport people only one route. This has also affected the income that many expected to yield.

So it is not only in Kikuubo but also in other sectors.