The Minister for Kampala Beti Kamya has announced that the current Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority Jennifer Musisi will continue to hold the office for another three year term.
While appearing before the Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory bodies and State Enterprise (Cosase) on March 2, 2017 to explain her role in the controversial Oil cash bonanza where she got Shs50m, Ms Musisi regretted having taken up KCCA’s top job.
She said she would have declined the appointment if she had known what entailed being a KCCA executive director.
She had been queried by one of the members on whether her appointment as KCCA executive director wasn’t enough reward for her role in winning the Oil case.

Reacting to news of the renewal of her contract, Musisi said she was willing to serve her country.
Ms Musisi will be serving her third three-year term. The current running contract was renewed on April 14, 2014.
Before joining KCCA, Musisi worked at Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) as head of legal department, and was appointed by President Museveni as KCCA boss in 2011 when the defunct Kampala City Council (KCC) was rebranded into KCCA.