Ivan Kamyuka, who was accused of stabbing a reveller to death in a nightclub, has today been convicted of manslaughter.

While passing out his judgment, Justice Kwesiga said that whereas the deceased provoked the accused by assaulting his wife, Kamyuka used excessive force to deter him. Kamyuka sentenced for three years and eight months.

In 2015, Kamyuka allegedly stabbed John Ahimbisibwe to death with a broken glass at Club Guvnor, in Kampala.

He was arrested hours after the incident and was later detained at Jinja Road police station.

Without offering details, the then Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said that the broken glass used to stab Ahimbisibwe tore one of the blood vessels in his neck, leading to fatal bleeding.

He however said that Kamyuka’s murder charges could be amended to manslaughter. The accused was later subjected to a mental health check-up which showed that everything was normal.

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