Eastern Uganda accommodates 40% of Basoga. This is not all but also Lusoga being the most spoken language in the region.
It is a region that was mostly known to be grieved with jiggers. Now the new problem is that the people in the region are poor. According to research, the people in they region are mostly known for producing children to the maximum.
Many families are extended having at least a minimum of five children. The level of pregnancy mid a bit high. Meaning that child production is still an ongoing business on a high rate.
According to Jalendo, one of the citizens of Mbikko, a suburb in Jinja says women who produce many children are  seen as  heroes in the community.
She adds that they are so proud of producing many children.
However, this has lead to a very high population with high levels of unemployment yet the area in the early 80s was seen as a place for business.