The Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Amelia Kyambadde has said that the 14-day ultimatum given to Chinese engaged in petty trade is too limited and unenforceable.

Initially, the Parliamentary committee on Trade and Tourism had given government an ultimatum of fourteen days from December 6, 2016 to ask all foreign traders operating retail and wholesale businesses to leave, is too short.

Kyamabadde who appeared  this afternoon to give an update on the directive to the  parliamentary committee on trade and Tourism told the committee that after an inter-government agency meeting, the Chinese have been given up to the end of this month to quit petty business or be deported.

The committee chaired by Bulmogi County MP Kenneth Lubogo has now agreed to follow the new deadline.

Earlier members of the committee were treated to free drama as Trade Minister, Amelia Kyambadde and Kampala Woman MP NAbilah Nagayi Sempala engaged in a bitter exchange over Chinese traders.

The drama ensued after Sempala accused the minister of allegedly failing to protect local traders, leaving foreigners mainly from China to encroach on businesses reserved for low income citizens