By Watchdog reporter

President Museveni has ordered his son Maj Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to immediately stop operations and withdraw from Rwenzori region.

Gen Muhoozi camped in the Rwenzori region from where he was offering strategic orders for operations in the Rwenzori region including the storming of the Omusinga’s palace.

The operations which left hundreds dead or injured have angered Museveni knowing the political and human rights violations conundrum his government had entered into.

Operations in Kasese which saw the king there arrested like a pickpocket, have been interpreted to mean an attempt to forcefully subdue an ethnic group using firepower.

Brig Elwelu who was the face of the operations finds himself between a rock and hard place as his record of an outstanding soldier went up in smoke with the dust from the burnt palace of Omusinga.

After turning himself an enemy of the people, Elwelu has been unable to maneuver the political terrain of his area of operations.

Ugandan military has succeeded where others fail largely because of their political consciousness and abilities to win local populations on their side. The success of UPDF in Somalia, Central African Republic and South Sudan in recent years springs from the army’s military doctrine which puts people first.

The attacks in Kasese over the last couple of years have gone against UPDF ethos for reasons best known to commanders on the ground.

Kasese and the larger Rwenzori area have reacted by voting against the sitting government consecutively.

It’s also not clear how Gen Muhoozi the commander of the Special forces found himself involved in policing work.

Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbeere, now a prisoner king, is blamed for the stand off but his issues with the central government cannot be bombed into submission.

Mumbeere who believes he was being undermined by some individuals in the government hailing from his region, has reacted by asserting him