The assistant public relations officer of Nakasero mosque and the acting secretary of the 4th annual Dawa seminer Sheik Kifampa Nsambu has questioned the police why they carry out raids and carry muslims without consulting the muslim leaders.

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Speaking this, to the press at the 4th annual dawa that is scheduled to take place for two days at old Kampala secondary school, the Sheik says that what police did by arresting the Indian muslim preachers was highly condemed and that they should have consulted them first.

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The seminar which is based on the three Muslim  pilgrims; I.e. education, unity and development has attracted muslims from all over east Africa and the neighboring  countries like the Democratic republic of Congo and Burundi.

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Sheik Milaadu Kaluuma, a member on the executive of Jumiya Dawa Asalafia says that he is also sad with the way police is treating muslims in the country.
“I don’t know what  the police want. Because over 3 busses have been stopped from comming from Mbarara for this function and yet they were comming for this very event. In fact I highly criticise the Uganda police for stealing our money that was meant to cater for this seminar but thanks to Alah, we are moving on.” says Sheik Milaadu.

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One of the paticipants Iga Ukaasha, a student of Ubyu Bun Kaab from Bweajja, Entebbe road says that he is also not happy with the ongoing muslim killings. He urged the government to hundle the case carefully and those found guilty be delt with according to the law.

Earlier on, yesterday, Afande Emilian Kayima said  that they had released the 8 Indians and 5 Ugandans who were found not to be guilty of anything against the law. He however advised the muslims to always alert the local leaders and police of such events so a