President Museveni and The First Lady hosted guests to the annual Thanksgiving at State House, Entebbe.

Below are President Museveni’s remarks;

If you read the book I wrote recently, “The Mustard Seed”, you will see that I have known God directly and I thank Him for His guidance and support.

There’s unprecedented peace today. When I hear some people in Uganda talk of no peace, I get amazed. Of course we don’t allow some people to disturb the freedom of others. However this should be used carefully.


imageIn Kenya, bars are not open till a certain time but here they are open everytime. Home made brews are not allowed in Kenya but allowed in Uganda. Now they are getting a problem of people leaving Kenya to live here to enjoy that freedom, which is not good too.

Leaders should sensitise people on excessive freedom. You heard the scripture say it’s more blessed to lend than to borrow. How shall we lend when we are not working hard? Hard work should be mandate for all religious people.

We never allowed religious groups in the army when we came from the Bush. This has bred the culture of religious groups working together.

When you see other countries, like Syria, Iraq with Sunis versus Christians…that’s what used to happen in Uganda here allegedly on behalf of God.

God says love your neighbour as yourself and made man in His own image, so who are you not to respect human beings? That is nonsense!

That disorientation should be rejected in Africa. We cannot allow it here. This is the land of Africans, we should live together. I thank the Inter-religious Council for being all embracing of religions.

About the weather, we have had a little problem of little rain. We are having serious discussion in government and we have to find ways of not depending on rain.


We are introducing irrigation and will use solar pumps. Those with money should buy the pumps, the government will see how to assist those without money.

We also want to talk nicely to those living in wetlands to leave them. We shall use dialogue though wetlands belong to the government.
I congratulate you on nearly finishing the year 2016 and I wish you a happy and prosperous 2017.