By the time he died, everyone would admire to be like Ivan Ssemwanga but have you ever bothered to know how the fallen tycoon made it to the top? Here is a brief journey how Ivan managed to defeat poverty.

After meeting Zari in 2000, Ssemwanga later traveled to South Africa but his entrance to this state was a bit dramatic. Apparently he traveled by bus on his first trip to South Africa through Zambia because he had illegal documents. On his arrival, the former broke guy who died a tycoon started his journey in South African Capital of Pretoria as a traditional witchdoctor with the help of a friend.

He started working at a shrine and later few friends helped him set up his own as time passed on. He was later branded “Sangoma” a phrase used to describe traditional healers. His main clients were South African rich people who helped him grow the business very fast by setting up branches to the rest of the country.

Ivan purchased a BMW as his first ever ride which he acquired before producing any kids. As the money continued to flow in, he later called Zari to stay with him in S.A and also help him in the business. The two worked tirelessly together to establish an empire everyone would wish to be part of.

After securing endorsements from influential politicians and fellow business people, Ivan managed to set up Brooklyn city colleges. At the time of his death, he’d set up over seven campuses across East Africa. He quit the witchcraft business and concentrated on his colleges.

It is to be noted that Ssemwanga stopped in senior six. Instead of enrolling for a bachelors degree, he started his hustle. He attended Bishop Brown Primary school and Kanjuki S.S for his high school studies.

Ivan also owns a very classy mansion in Munyonyo (recently put on sale), he headed Rich Gang group that is comprised of friends Ed Cheune and King Lawrence. He also owns a few other establishments in Uganda that we haven’t fully located. Before separating with Zari, the fallen tycoon managed to father three kids.

Born 12 December 1977, Ivan was a few months shy of his 40th birthday


It’s now a matter of hours before Ivan Semwanga’s body arrives in Uganda, it’s expected on Sunday afternoon.

The parking slot that used to have posh rides that include a Lamborghini among others is replaced with black plastic chairs and burning logs. All that there is for now, is Ivan’s empty house with all the valuable items dispatched to safe locations to avert the inevitable. The fight between Zari and some family members is not new, it’s quite an old thing which is well documented on audio clips online.

When Zari left Diamond Platnumz to come and be by his ex-hubby’s bedside simply meant that all was not well. And as it turned out, Ivan Semwanga is no more.

It’s said that Ivan had actually died way before Zari announced that he was actually dead, but the reason behind that was to ensure that Ivan’s assets were securely tagged to his three children and their mother. Her lawyer who was supposed to coordinate the process was away in France, Zari spoke to the hospital authorities to allow her more time to sort out the mess, they gave her one day.

Two days before Ivan was pronounced dead, Ivan’s half brother, Lawrence Kiyingi aka King Lawrence went to the hospital to attack Zari over Ivan’s property, authorities there had to throw them out as they were being a nuisance to the other patients. It was then that Zari dashed to her Facebook account to let whoever cared to know that, Ivan was not allowed visitors.

In the audio clip doing rounds, Zari who is heard swearing assures one of Ivan’s relatives to steer clear from the late’s properties as it’s stated clearly in the will that it all belongs to her and the kids. I will spend all the money on the credit cards the way I want because it’s mine and the children. If you are not family, keep out of this, (__________), she dropped a heavy one. We are still mournng and you are bringing this trash, (_______) another one she added.

“King Lawrence get a life. Ivan Ssemwanga is not your father. Ivan has kids and since they are young to manage their father’s property, Zari can help out. Ivan’s brothers can work for themselves, stop being lazy and stop fighting for what doesn’t belong to you. You want Zari to leave her hubby (Diamond) coz of property. She can still have both worlds …..” One wrote responding to Lawrence.

It’s not clear if some of Ivan’s close pals will be able to accompany the body on it’s final journey to Uganda due to travel restrictions following the illegal government order scams and tender frauds

“Zari doesn’t have any shares on Ivan’s property after she left her marital status. I don’t count her as our widow,” Ivan Semwanga’s uncle says

The uncle known as Herbert Luyinda said richness flows in their blood so fighting for Ivan’s property is out of option.

“We have money flowing in our blood, sons and grandsons will never be broke. Richness comes from our grandfathers” to