Kato Lubwama is one of the artists who have tried to invest their money for te good future. Actually he has squeezed it to the maximum to make sure he is safe. This former ‘guy’ is now a honorable .

The honorable member of Paliament of Rubaga South Constituency is facing a challenge where his voter Habib Buwembo was permitted to challenge his academic qualification . This has been given a ruling date, the Judiciary has announced.


Mr Buwembo is challenging the MP’s academic credentials on grounds that he failed Ordinary Level exams and that he is not fit to be an MP.


The High court in Kampala said it will on December 19, 2016 deliver its ruling after submissions in the case were concluded on Wednesday, November 23.


On Wednesday, Mr Buwembo asked presiding Judge Magret Oguli Oumo to grant his request, maintaining that the legislator lacks the minimum academic qualification to be an MP. He submitted that Kato Lubwama failed his Uganda Certificate of Education examinations.
After all this struggle, Hon Kato Lubwama is one of the Members of Parliament who were pushing to be given the posh cars as members of Parliament.

It is either sad or good news to Honorable Kato Lubwama since each M.P in this 10th Parliament is entitled to medical insurance of a wardrobe grant worth ugx50m, plus a furnished office. They are also entitled to one car grant worth ugx 102m or even more. Don’t be suprised butnits the truth that even a consolidated pay of anywhere between ugx 20m and Ugx 25m subjected to income tax.
Am wondering and asking myself. Shall Hon.Kato Lubwama vomit what he has already eaten. This is because some of these funds have already been released to these MPs including the car that Hon Kato Lubwama has not yet received