Locals in Lajwartek village in Pageya parish, in Omoro district, are panicking after consuming pig feeds disguised as sugar.

The product which was labelled ‘Brown Sugar’ was brought from a piggery farm in the area belonging to one George Abola. It has been in circulation for more than two weeks.

A pack containing 5kgs was sold between Shs 2000 and Shs 4000, far below the cost of real sugar, now at Shs 5000 per kilogram. The low cost of the product raised suspicion among leaders who called for investigations into the source of the alleged sugar.

Samples that were tested indicated that the product contained sugar, sand, maggots, grains and other unhygienic elements.

The farm manager Paul Bongomin later said that the ‘sugar’ was illegally sold by casual workers but was not meant for human consumption. He said that the combination is used as a carbohydrate source for pigs.

Koro sub-county chairperson Justine Odong Obiya says Bongomin said the ‘sugar’ was brought from Elegu border post where it had been impounded by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

“We’ve learned that that this ‘sugar’ is not good for human consumption, therefore I appeal and urge all my people not continue and consume that ‘sugar’.

But if you still have the remaining balance of the sugar you have bought, please you just put it somewhere or you give to your animals to eat it. If not, you can even destroy it because I’ve already confirmed from the farm manager who’s rearing the pig that it is not meant for human consumption. It is already contaminated at Elegu border post,” he said.

Nasur Olanya the Government Internal Security Officer (GISO) for Omoro district says additional samples of the ‘sugar’ have been taken to the government analytical laboratory for further testing. He says that if the test proves that the product is dangerous for human health; all persons involved in its sale will be prosecuted.