By Kiyimba Bruno

Early Wednesday  morning, Kabalagala police station appeared on the rescue scene with an empty vehicle without water to rescue the Casablanca joint from the fire that was burning.

The incident that iced transport means along Ggaba road, sparked off at around 9:00am where the bosses of the place looked confused.

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The fire according to one of the guards was caused by the poor electrification system that was installed in the clubbing arena as well as the big headed bosses. The askari who did not want to disclose his name said that he saw the whole thing happening and informed his bosses but they just kept on looking.

“I saw the fire and asked the Ethiopian to call the police so as to save the situation but he just ignored me” says the askari.

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The first vehicle of fire brigade was empty and the police had to move and go look for water. After 10 minutes, another vehicle appeared and this one was half. So with this they managed to reduce the fire. When they were finishing the pool side, fire was again sparking off from the reception and the water vehicle was empty already. God saved that the third vehicle had arrived. This one managed to save the situation.