By Kiyimba Bruno

Here is a bicycle mechanic who has earned something from what he does.
There are many lessons we can learn from this gentleman.


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Brian Mujuni is a resident of Bulamu, a village in Kasangati municipality. He began repairing bicycles early when he was still a boy of 12 years way back in 2005.
While struggling, he lived a life that managed to lead him to what he is today.
Mujuni was always a boy who wanted to know. He was curious. He was always listening to what his bosses told him.



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His days in the garage attracted many customers towards the garage of his boss. This was because many of them were parents and had children who had bicycles to repair. Brian always had a way around every bike.
Time came when Brian was the man in charge of all repairs of the kids bicycles since his boss was growing older by the day yet work was just enough.
He says that time had to come when he had grown and had to do something for himself.
It is from this angle that Mujuni started his garage where he now employs four people whom he pays daily depending on the work done.
Currently he has two acres of land in Isingiro district where he plans to plant tea leaves.