Here are the five things blocking you from being the creative you know you are.
1. You’re overthinking

Tell me the last time overthinking gave you anything beneficial. Has it ever happened in the entire history of human beings? No. Well, maybe once. But mostly, it just makes you nervous and unhappy and maybe even want to hide away.

2. You don’t want to expose yourself to possible failure


If you never expose yourself to possible failure, you’ll never really know how creative you can be.

3. You make excuses

How many times have you created something – a piece of writing, a painting, a presentation – and said to yourself that you’ll ‘show someone at some point’? Or you’ll finish it later, and then it’ll be ‘ready’ for people to see?

There will always be a reason to not show people your stuff. If you’re waiting for everybody in the entire world to think what you make is ‘good enough’, you’ll wait forever.

4. You’re waiting for someone to ‘pick you’

Waiting for someone to pick you is what you had to do 20 years ago. Maybe even 10. But now? No way. You can start your creative career literally today. I’ll even go easy on you and say this week.

5. You’re acting like a teenager instead of a child

As a huge generalisation, teenagers are self-conscious and kids aren’t – peer pressure, anyone?