There are many bizarre foods around the world.

However some foods are quite plainly disgusting and whether they taste good or not is up to those who are brave enough.

Here are ten of the most disgusting foods in the world.

1. Escamoles (Ant worms), Mexico.

playEscamoles (Exotic foods)


These are the larvae of a venomous species of ants that lay their eggs in the roots of a plant in Mexico. They are added to tacos or omelettes.

2. Shirako (Sperm sacs for fish), Japan.

Shirako (Courtesy)


These are the sperm sacs of either cod, angler fish or puffer fish.

3. Balut (fertilised duck egg), Philippines.

Balut (Courtesy)

 These are the fertilised duck eggs that are boiled when the embryo is partly developed. It is eaten from the shell with seasoning.

4. Boshintang (dog meat soup), Korea.

Boshingtang (Courtesy)


This is a soup made with green onions, dandelions, spices and dog meat.

5. Airag (fermented horse milk), Mongolia.

Airag (Courtesy)


This is fermented horse milk that is turned into a fizzy drink that can be alcoholic.

6. Harkal  (dried shark that’s been buried for a long time), Iceland.

Harkal (Courtesy)


After catching a Greenland shark, you then behead it and clear it’s guts. After this, you place it in a shallow grave and cover with sand and stones and leave for two- three months. Cut into strips and dry for more months before serving.

7. Century egg, China.

Century eggs (Courtesy)


These eggs, also known as pidan, they are hundred year old eggs covered in clay, ash and salt for months. The yolk turns dark green and smells of sulphur.