Thousands of people in Karamoja sub-region have been cut off from the rest of the country by floods triggered by torrential rains that have left patients stuck in hospitals, schools closed and roads washed away, local authorities have said.
Over the last two weeks, the region has been experiencing heavy torrential rainfalls that have resulted in Bridges being washed away by flash floods.

By Sunday evening, hundreds of travellers who include; women and children who were going back to their various areas in and out of Karamoja for holidays were stranded and preparing to spend their second night at the seasonal river in Wera Sub County in Amuria District after rains devastated roads.

Mr Omar Abdhalla, the Gate Way bus conductor who has been trapped in the area for one night says they are hoping that the road contractor creates channels so avoid water logging on the roads.
“We managed to remove the bus from the mud by Allah’s grace otherwise it was difficult,” he said.

Currently, the Chinese construction company is upgrading Moroto, Soroti road. The most affected section is from Katakwi to Soroti which is now impassable.
Meanwhile, the road that connects Karamoja to Mbale via Nakapiripirit, Bulambuli is also in poor state.
This is not the first time roads in Karamoja getting cut off by water following heavy rains in the region.
Last year Karamoja was cut off for over a month after flash floods washed away all the bridges.

Prices of food items also go high due to the transport hurdles traders go through to deliver food in the region.
Mr Robert Okitoi the district LCV chairperson of Amuria said so far the road that connects Amuria, Kapelebyong and Abim is already cut off.
“The road is full of water. Vehicles can’t access but we have directed the district constructor at work with the team of Uganda National roads Authority to see all possible ways for the vehicles to move,” he said.
He however, welcomed the returned rains saying people have been crying for rain and many farmers are now in the gardens planting the crops.