By Kiyimba Bruno

This afternoon businesses have reached a level of cold. Food vendors looking stranded by the heavy drops of rainfall that shock their businesses.

The working conditions as witnessed were not conducive at all. As most of them cook from verandors,under umbrellas.

Many could not work. Those who were found with ready food kept selling to their customers inspite of the grievances.

The major worry is where the flowing water goes to. This is water that is not channeled towards any where. It flows as it wishes.


Women always  lift umbrellas in order to prevent waters from licking into the customers food. Those who are found without umbrellas, end up abandoning their food,running for shelter.

When I asked one of the cooks, she said that they used to be paying rent to people whom did not care for them at all.

“When we complained in an earlier meeting with KCCA officials, we were given a period of time to sort our selves and leave. Telling us that very soon the road is going to be constructed.” Said one of the cooks