By Kiyimba Bruno

Elizabeth Nyeko, the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Mandulis Energy, is developing a 20MW biomass power plant for the grid, which shall create over 6,000 jobs in Gulu district. This will boost the economy and improve the lives of the Ugandans in the region.

She says that they have a plan for over 15,000 farmers who will benefit from training, support and an increase in earnings. She adds that biomass energy is an integrated solution, to energy security, food security, climate resilience and poverty alleviation.

Ms. Nyeko’s company, works in partnership with ACTED, a French based NGO with a presence in 33 countries around the world, including Uganda. “Our biomass power plant, turns agricultural waste, into electricity. Therefore, the network of 15,000 farmers in Northern Uganda, who we work with, will earn an additional USD$11 million per year, just from selling agricultural waste to us” Says Ms. Nyeko.

Mandulis Energy received UGX 3 billion from African Development Bank for this project. Ms. Nyeko was at Hotel Africana where she addressed the press about the need of Uganda to adopt renewable energy technologies.

Adding value to Agricultural production enables farmers to increase their earnings. Hence farmers in Northern Uganda, will receive all the training on modern methods of farming and how to gain from it.

“We use proven technologies and work closely with industry and academic partners globally to adapt, improve and deliver cutting edge biomass solutions to rural off-grid areas in Africa.” Says Ms. Nyeko

Mandulis Energy develops, owns and operates renewable energy projects in Africa. They have started in Uganda, where they are engaged in both grid and off-grid projects with long-term off-take agreements, and are committed to using sustainable resources.