By Kiyimba Bruno

In the hope of simplifying the licensing process in the country, the Government of Uganda through Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) intends to implement a transactional e-licensing portal to be hosted at URSB and supported by the Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project (CEDP). A transactional e-licensing portal is an online platform that enables the online application, processing and issue of all licenses and permits issued by government including all registrations and approvals in one central location (One Stop Shop).


Ugandans shall be able to view the status of applications and issued licenses as well as receive relevant notifications for example approvals and renewal required via e-mail or SMS.


A management capability, which will permit each regulator to route each type of license application to the appropriate staff for processing, inspection activities, approval, and/or notification has also been put in place. These , shall include statistics on license application throughput, backlogs at specific processing steps and processing efficiency of individuals and/or work groups.


The Integrated database of businesses and licenses issued (eventually linked to company register). As well as  transactional e-licensing portal has been implemented in other countries with impressive results. For instance Singapore implemented the Online

Before you launch your new business, you’ll need to apply for a business

License with your local government or the respective licensing regulatory agency.

The process of obtaining a business license can sometimes be tedious for the regulators and the people/ businesses being licensed. Some Government Authorities handling licensing activities often spend a substantial amount of time processing paperwork, payments, generating reports, managing workflows and compliance.