By Kiyimba Bruno

This morning Uganda’s number one kick boxer Golola Moses has landed peacefully on the lands of the pearl of Africa. Golola today reached Entebbe International Airport at 11am and was welcomed by his sponsors Riham under the drink ” Rock boom”. From Entebbe airport,he to Thamaphon Thai Restaurant for lunch wit the media and his sponsors.
Speaking to the press,Golola thanked the sponsors Riham,the funs and God who managed to uplift him to win the BAT African belt. The tournament tournament that took place in Nairobi attracted Riham to call upon all kick boxers of all ages, ladies and men to join the new league of kick boxing which is going to kick off on 9th December this year. Golola went to Fungu Keys who also played and won the regional belt dubbed MUAY THAI NAIROBI .