Kadondo Kamu artist Abdul Mulaasi has blasted comedian Robert Sunday alias Tata Sam for having bad luck and causing him immeasurable losses after advertising him on his upcountry shows which flopped.

According to Abdul Mulaasi, they entered into an agreement with Taata Sam to put him on all posters for his upcountry tours. According to Mulaasi, all the shows combined didn’t bring back even he little money he invested.

“People don’t know Taata Sam in villages where we have been, he is only known in town areas and only to people who can access smart phones and have electricity,  he can’t be  bigger than me like he thinks , I have battled it out with big names but not him, he will have to pay the money that we lost and we can’t pay him like he thinks, for sure I tell you, the guy has bad luck, I have not got any successful show ever since I put him on my posters and he will never be on my posters again, by the way I have told my manager about these issues and the losses that we are experiencing,” Abdul Mulaasi narrated

When this website contacted Robert Sunday alias Taata Sam on the issue, he started by saying that he has never seen a person with misfortunes like the struggling ‘ngenda kusiba ffaamu’ hit maker.

Taata Sam said that he entered into an agreement with Abdul Mulaasi to perform on various shows across the country and he was supposed to be paid eight million shillings. However, after the shows, Mulaasi, with his manager Alex Kirumira failed to pay him and are now using tricks that they made losses to steal his hard earned money.

“You know whenever someone books me for a show, they pay deposit before I perform to avoid loses, Abdul Mulaasi failed to do this, but since he is an entertainer like me, I went ahead and performed on his shows in different parts of Uganda like Kiwoko, Kikyuusa, Senyi in Buikwe district among others. I had an agreement with Abdul Mulaasi, his manager convinced me and promised to pay 1.5 million for each show that I did with them, but he has never paid me as we agreed. I remember during the Lugazi show I refused to perform before they pay me which led to violence because people were demanding to see Taata Sam. Police had to intervene by firing bullets plus teargas that night. Police sat me down and I agreed and performed. But still, even after that scenario I didn’t receive any payments yet this time around very many people came to the show. The sweet talked me into performing in another show in Mbiko and promised that they were going to pay my arrears, I performed given that my name was on their posters and I never wanted to disappoint my fans. Still they ran away with my money,” Taata Sam narrated.

Taata Sam told the Grapevine that he was forced to open up a case at Mbiko police station of theft and failure to pay him. Police advised them to sit on a round table and resolve this issue. Taata Sam says that instead of talking to him, Abdu Mulaasi decided to run to the media.

“Let me tell you, I’m bigger than Abdul Mulaasi, according to their posters, everything was on my shoulders, I wonder why he talks a lot yet he knows the truth. I will never deal with Abdul Mulasi again and I want him to put me off all his posters,” Taata Sam fumed.


By Mboowa Nathan

Get Me Off Your Posters, You’re A Thief And Have Bad Luck – Taata Sam In A Bitter Exchange With Abdu Mulaasi