Kampala is a very small city. Littered with very few influential celebrities, the cache of possible mates keeps dwindling by the day.

Gareth Onyango, who is famous for marketing high end bars has been on the social scene for quite some time, and was also known for dating fellow experiential bar ambassador, Nikita Bhachu.

That relationship in which they even have a daughter is now history. Nikita dumped Gareth after the unending sleepless nights over Gareth’ s alleged “skirt chasing” ways.

Gareth wasnt bothered. A few days after the “dumping”, Gareth headed out to South Africa to meet another of his many ex-girlfriends. She also has a child with him.

Victoria Nkinzi, the Buganda Princess who is seeing Gareth Onyango

Returning to dusty Kampala after weeks in South Africa, Gareth soon found solace in the ample bossom of one of the Buganda King’s elder daughters.

Victoria Nkinzi she is. Weeks ago, Victoria threw a birthday party for Gareth, invited most of his and her own friends including her younger sister Ssangalyambogo.

Gareth friends also say Nkinzi is now a regular at Cayenne Bar, Wave Lounge which happen to be Gareth’s bars of trade.

Gareth has also been sighted leaving her apartment on one of the royal properties on Entebbe road.

Insiders say Gareth has swiftly moved on and isnt bothered about the end of his long-term relationship with Nikita Bhachu, who too is rumoured to be seeing a married rally driver.

Who is Victoria Nkinzi

Princess Victoria is the first daughter and second child of His Majesty.

She is the Patron of the Souvenirs shop of the Kingdom situated at Muganzirwaza Commercial Plaza which is owned by the Kingdom.

Princess Victoria is a working member of the Royal Family. She carries out many royal engagements on behalf of His Majesty both within the Kingdom and abroad.

Gareth Onyango Hooks Kabaka’s Daughter After Nikita Dumping