By Kiyimba Bruno

Republican Donald Trump is edging closer to winning the White House with a series of shocking wins in battleground states such as Florida and Ohio on Tuesday, rattling world markets that had counted on Democrat Hillary Clinton defeating the political outsider.

In the same way, heavy sunshine has greatly affected the prices of fruits at Nakasero and other markets around Kampala. According to Segawa Bosco, a salesman at Nakasero market, they are likely to keep seeing an increase in prices of fruits in Uganda.

In our survey this morning, apples have not changed from the previous price of shs 1,000. Mangoes have been rising continuously from she  3000, 3500 to shs 4000 currently. Sweet bananas(Bogoya) is rising rapidly and is now at shs 5000. The smaller sweat bananas(ndiizi)  goes for shs 3000 to shs 5000. Grapes are static at shs 10,000. Water Melons have greatly reduced from shs 12,000 to shs8000.

The Egyptian oranges  are at shs1500 each while local Ugandan oranges are at shs1000.

Segawa however says that the pine apples had greatly reduced in terms of delivery due to the dry season in Uganda. He says ; “The pine apples we have are got from Mbarara and Luwero hence an effect to the market price”.