Fresh Dairy has today unveiled its 2018 Yoghurt Cup Collection Challenge, which is part of the ongoing 2018 School’s Program. The ‘Yoghurt Cup Collection Challenge’ running for the second year now is aimed at encouraging Primary school pupils to learn about nutrition while innovatively making models out of Fresh Dairy yoghurt cups to enhance their creativity and imagination.


Over 350 primary schools in Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono are taking part in the 2018 Fresh Dairy Schools Program which uses edutainment through an interactive show to educate children on nutrition with an inclination towards the consumption of 1-Yoghurt-a-Day as a healthy and nutritious snack.


Vincent Omoth, Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy said, ‘Fresh Dairy recently re-branded all our yoghurt which comes in five flavours to include Strawberry, Vanilla, Mango, Plain and Mixed Berries. To further enhance yoghurt consumption within the Ugandan market, Fresh Dairy is back again with the ‘Yoghurt Cup Collection Challenge’ through which we encourage all the 350 participating primary schools in the 2018 Fresh Dairy schools program to take part and compete for prizes worth 37 Million UGX (37,000,000 UGX). Through this challenge, Fresh Dairy will reward winners in three categories for the highest number of Fresh Dairy yoghurt cups collected and the most innovative and creative model built.’ The Yoghurt Cup Collection Challenge Categories are as follows:

Category Prize
Schools ·         Overall Winner – 11.4 Million Ushs towards a project of their choice

·         1st Runner Up – 9.5 Million Ushs towards a project of their choice

·         2nd Runner Up – 7.6 Million Ushs towards a project of their choice

Student ·         5 Winners – All get bicycles
Teacher ·         3 Winners – All get laptops


Omoth encouraged pupils, teachers and parents to work as a team and win these exciting prizes for their schools, pupils or teachers.


Kituyi Peace, a Primary Seven pupil of Kirinya Catholic School together with her Art teacher Muyomba Patrick who have already submitted their model built a hat, sun glasses and a Gomesi which is a traditional attire mainly won within the Eastern and Central regions of Uganda. They said that the Gomesi, hat and glasses were made with recycled Fresh Dairy yoghurt cups and sachets by the art teacher and a number of his students, an exercise that lasted almost an entire month to finalise the entire ensemble.


Namirimu Lydia, the Top Class – Class teacher at Yogemu Primary School came along with her pupil to model a skirt, blouse and Jewellery crafted from Fresh Dairy yoghurt cups. She explained that every year, her pupils are required to creatively come up with ‘graduation day’ outfits, therefore the ‘Fresh Dairy’ outfit was made in line with the graduation day requirements.


Matovu Ronald of Kazo Mixed School submitted a Tunic commonly known as a ‘Kanzu’ entirely made out of Fresh Dairy yoghurt sachets. His entertainment teacher, Suubi Rachel who accompanied him for the submission explained that along with her students, they used 500 yoghurt sachets to sew the Tunic, hat and cap together using needles and threads. Suubi explained that the students agreed to make a Kanzu which they believed is unique and would stand out from most of the models they expected other schools to make.


Omoth concluded by encouraging all the participating primary schools to continue sharing their various Fresh Dairy yoghurt cup model pictures with Fresh Dairy via email, Facebook @FreshDairyUg and Whatsapp. He noted that the Yoghurt Cup Challenge will culminate into one grand awarding ceremony this 2nd term during which the winners in the three categories will receive their prizes after being audited by a panel of pre-selected judges.

For more information, please contact Vincent Omoth on O758497821


The health and nutrition benefits of consuming 1-Yoghurt-a-Day include:

  • CALCIUM: Yoghurt contains calcium which is the main mineral in our bodies. Calcium is beneficial for increasing bone mass in children as well as preventing fractures in adults. This is particularly important for postmenopausal women, who have decreased bone turnover as a consequence of hormonal changes accompanying menopause.
  • Calcium also increases the body’s breakdown of fat and helps preserve one’s metabolism, which in turn helps with weight management. A well-managed weight in turn reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
  • PROTEIN: Yogurt contains protein which contributes to both the maintenance and growth of muscle mass and normal bones. Proteins cannot be stored in the body which means they need to be part of our daily diets;
  • VITAMIN D: Yoghurt also contains Vitamin D which helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis, which is a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of bone tissue;
  • VITAMIN B2 and B12: Yoghurt contains Vitamin B2 and B12 which both contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, while B2 vitamin also helps maintain normal vision;
  • POTASSIUM: Yoghurt contains Potassium which helps reduce the blood-pressure;
  • Yoghurt can also protect against gastrointestinal infections by suppressing the growth of pathogens that cause intestinal disturbances such as diarrhoea which often comes as a result of infection or over-use of antibiotics.