A FOOTBALL team playing a game in North Korea were forced to evacuate their hotel after a nuclear strike.

Indian Super League side Bengaluru FC were in the capital last week for a game against Pyongyang’s 4.25 SC at the communist state’s 150,000 May Day stadium.

 They won the tie 3-0 over two legs but panic struck when a nuclear missile was fired over the team’s hotel before it flew over Japan.

Australian midfielder Erik Paartalu told the BBC: “The last day of our visit there was a nuclear missile getting fired off over our hotel room, you can’t exactly prepare for something like that.”

He added: “We had six channels in the hotel, including some Chinese ones, a propaganda channel and Al Jazeera. Lo and behold I watched that North Korea had launched a missile at 6am that morning.

“As we were checking out a guy told us that if we had stood outside the hotel at 6am we would have seen the missile go over our hotel, it had been fired from the airport and the trajectory was clear for everyone to see.

“The boys looked at each other, like ‘let’s get out of here as quickly as possible’. When it got to that point, it hammered home ‘let’s just get the hell out of here’.”

He added the side were forced to hand in mobiles and tablets for their photos to be check with bags searched.

Bags, kits, boots and balls were also lost in transit forcing players to buy boots from a seller at the hotel.

Internet and phone access was cut off and footballers were not allowed to leave the hotel unless accompanied by a chaperone.