By Kiyimba Bruno
Residents around suburbs of Kansanga are scared about what would happen to them in case rain keep on falling like the way it did this morning.
At Soya as you enter Kansanga from Ggaba side, waters were this morning seen across the road. Vehicles were packed as bodabodas became the ferry of the day.
Motor cycles were see transporting people to cross from Ggaba side towards Kansanga as they eagerly rushed to their respective places of work.
On the way some women got scared that the motor cycles would drop them in the deep waters. This made them put off their shoes and start walking through the lake of the day.
Some were seen walking along the sewage lines as others remained stranded waiting for the waters to first reduce.
Nabuttitti, the local suburb that is known to host many of the KIU students, looked so good during the dry season. But when the weather turned the other way round, even those who were hiding behind walls were shown to the public.
Waters were in every house. Cups were seen floating on the running waters.
Those who were a bit safe remained a on top of their beds until when waters had reduced.
John Namunyala, a resident of Nabuttitti says he has not seen anything like this in his life time.
“This rain is too much. We are in Kansanga but it looks like as if we are in Bwayise.” Adds John.
If it continues like this we don’t know how students of KIU who stay in Nabuttitti as well as the residents of the place are going to survive.