By Kiyimba Bruno

As we get near to the last game of the National Basketball league in Uganda, city oil has shown fire that they can still retain the trophy a forth time. When we visited their training camp at the MTN arena Lugogo, all boys were set and physically feet.

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The team captain Jimmy Enabu says that they shall not leave any stone un turned.

A squad of 12 players trained today under instructions of the head coach Monday Juruni who looked so eager to get positive results. Both teams have dominated the play offs by winning so far one  game each. This looked a heavy bow to the oilers however after today’s training, they were all burning and eagerly awaiting the next game

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Michael Makiadi, one of the players of power says that they are so sure that they shall win the next game. He adds that those are the loopholes that power has gone through to reach the play offs but still they have managed to make it.

Both teams now stand chance to prove their worth for the title.