State Minister for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations Herbert Kabafunzaki has been granted bail. Kabafunzaki was given temporary reprieve by the anti-corruption court where he appeared this morning, a day after he was charged with corruption has and remanded to Luzira Prison.

He was directed to handover a deposit of 5 million Shillings, his diplomatic passport and Land tittle to the court as a condition for the bail. His three sureties were asked for a non cash bond of 50 million Shillings each. Thy included his wife Doreen Kabafunzaki, and colleagues Eliab Byamukama and Charles Mutabaazi.

While appearing before the Anti-Corruption Court yesterday, Kabafunzaki denied the allegations, blaming his on the FDC.

However, the FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda says Kabafunzaki was so naive that he fell in a trap set by the regime.

He says the FDC is not in any way involved in this matter because it holds nothing against the minister.

Kabafunzaki who was yesterday remanded to Luzira prison returned to the Anti Corruption Court this afternoon and was released on bail.

Prosecution alleges that Kabafunzaki directly accepted a deposit of 5 million Shillings from Hamid in exchange for the same. Prosecution further states that Kabafunzaki, conspired with his co-accused Bruce Lubowa, to solicit a gratification of 15 million Shillings a crime he committed between April 6-8, this year.

Two of the accused persons; Kabafunzaki and Lubowa denied the offence. However, Mugabo pleaded guilty and admitted to hiding a bribe of 5 million Shillings on behalf of the minister.  He says his action was to protect the minister from punishment.

Court heard that Lubowa conspired with the minister to solicit for the bribe and accepted to receive an installment of 5 million Shillings on Saturday; the day they were arrested.  But Kabafunzaki denied the allegations and told court that he did not receive any bribe and neither did he plan to meet Mohammad Hamid on the fateful day.