Ugandan farmers continue to mourn about lack of market for their produce yet the country has a population of over 44 million people.

According to Gudula Naiga the chairperson Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Limited (UWEL)  farmers have failed to make use of the numbers because of the structure of Uganda’s market which seems to be disorganised.*

For the past years, Uganda has become the investment destination for most of the international investors despite the fact that the cost of starting a business in Uganda is high but because there is ready market.

“The private sector needs to organise the industry by putting together all farmers in one pool to make it easy for consumers to access them, and farmers need to understand that social media is the way to go,” Naiga said.

She said that the country has people who eat every day yet they don’t own farms and that this is the market they have failed to tap in.

Naiga said somebody interested in the market should come in to organise the value chain model of the farmers and produces to consumers to ease the work and also widen the market.

“This is a good business operate for people good in IT and social media gurus to organise the sector, we need to know where to get cowpeas or where to get berries easily,” she said.

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