By Kiyimba Bruno

The programme officer Of South and Eastern African Trade information and Negotiations Institute (SEATINI) Mrs. Nelly Busingye Mugisha has this morning showed the government of Uganda how  exempting taxes from Sanitary towels  becomes a small portion.

She debates that this is just an issue too small that the government can handle hence does not need to be debated about.

She says that with the glaring, the state of affairs in the different sectors, government should focus on urgent issues that seek to improve the human welfare to enhance productivity and production in the country as a first call to treat the food security situation as a priority.

“Once the road network is mproved,a multiplier effect is inevitable  as a larger number of the population will benefit.” Adds Mrs Busingye.


She said this in a press conference that took place at the head offices of civil society Budgets Advocacy Group in Ntinda as they gave out their view on the 2017/18 government budget.

She says that there is a larger question of who actually uses and who finances it.

“This is a real shame. The mother needs the towel just as the daughter. Now who is to help the other.” Adds Nelly Busingye.


In the same meeting the director for Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (CSBAG) Mukunda Julius says that as civil Societies, they welcome the increment   in resources allocated to capital purchase that directly impact on individual development like agricultural supplies,medical equipment among others.

He however was so negative on what procedures that the government uses to reduce or increase on budgets of various resources.

The allocation of UGX 4.5 bn as conditional tranaters   for sanitation and hygiene in 2017/18 compared to the current financial year which had no such allocation, is welcome.

As of half of the Financial Year 2016/17,Uganda has revenue shortfall of UGX 16.6bn  partly comming from the customs short fall of UGX206.58bn and an offset  from the domestic side over performance of UGX 14,682b