By Kiyimba Bruno

The East African Community has already started to create peace in the region. Among the countries that are benefiting from this are Rwanda, Uganda as well as Burundi

Speaking to the members in the media breakfast that took place today as hotel Africana, the general secretary for the East African Community Hon. Liberat Mfukukeko confirmed that the EAC is commited to helping Burundi in its grievances. He adds that East African region is the top performing region in the community In terms of elections, peace and security among others, and this year is committed towards engaging journalists.

It is on this note that he commended journalists for the work that has to be done since many people in the region have to know about the value of the intergression.

Among the boarders around the region, he says that 11 have been completed and 10 boarders are being operated.

Hon Kirunda Kiveijinja, the state minister for the EAC affairs as well as the deputy prime minister of the republic of Uganda says that the future of generation and prosterity in no where else except the E.A.C

He adds that Uganda needs to create a bigger market therefore there is need for expansion.

“if we don’t know where to sell our products there is no prospering” adds Kiveijinja.

He adds “once we are small , we shall be eaten but if we are big,then that one to eat us has to think twice.”

He adds that East AfricaN Community needs intergration for their own survival more especially the younger generation.