A Uganda registered aircraft belonging to Eagle Air has crashed shortly after take-off in Yei town, southwestern South Sudan on Saturday morning, but all 17 passengers and three crew members from Uganda survived, a crew member said.

Pilot Caxton Mukasa told this publicaythat the plane was heading to Uganda. He explained that the crash was caused by an engine nozzle failure immediately after take-off from the runway in Yei town.

“We were all left shocked when I tried applying take-off gear at the extreme ends of the airstrip while on a high-speed, but unfortunately it failed and I had to break and the front tire burst and we found ourselves off the runway into the bush,” Caxton said.

He pointed out that the passengers on board survived, but some of them sustained minor injuries.

Eagle Air is Uganda’s leading airline that operates domestic and regional flights. This is perhaps the first major accident experienced by the airline. The management of Eagle Air could not be reached for a comment.

The Eagle Air crash is the second in two months in South Sudan. Last month a plane also crashed in the town of Wau in the North and the passengers and crew also survived.