Kizza Besigye who arrived in Ankole yesterday evening to attend the Party’s regional retreat was welcomed with cheers and procession that paralyzed transport in area for hours.

Today morning, while addressing the FDC retreat in Ankole, Dr. Kizza Besigye has said that they (FDC) are engaged in a protracted struggle to defeat and remove a military dictatorship. “The dictator we are fighting is very brutal. So we must use both workable strategies and tactics to achieve our goals”, Besigye says.

He continued to say that Strategically, we have two options. Either to use arms to defeat the dictatorship or to use non-violence. In 1981, we opted for a protracted People’s struggle. We picked up guns to fight a dictator. Now we must use non-violence struggle.

Both strategies are within our means but using guns is unlawful and sometimes attract severe sanctions including accusations of engaging in terrorism. Using non-violence means which we call defiance is absolutely legal. Where the dictator uses bad laws to criminalize our activities, we defy them.

Both strategies have consequences. You can be harmed or killed.

But our nonviolent strategy will get us to win.

So tactically, we must use tactics that a dictator will find difficult to neutralise. We must first realise that we need change and commit to achieve. Organize, coordinate and form cells similar to NRA Resistance Council to ease communication. Then recruit more members.

We must reclaim our mandate the people of Uganda gave us during elections. We won and we must offer leadership to the People of Uganda.

We shall transform this country.

The retreats are to be carried out throughout the country starting with Ankole today till end of January next year as seen in the program below.