Democratic Party DP Secretary General Mathias Nsubuga is admitted at Case Clinic in Kampala after suffering a massive stroke. Special Press Statement has been released by DEMOCRATIC PARTY  on this development.

The statement reads:
Kampala 17 December, 2016- The Democratic Party would like to make a confirmation that the Secretary General Hon. Mathias Nsubuga Birekeraawo suffered a massive stroke yesterday at Mukono Bookshop. All this happened in the presence of the Organising Secretary Sulaiman Kidandala who was with him. He is now admitted at Case Clinic incapable of talking and his right lateral completely paralysed.

We wish to therefore enlighten that he is under scrutiny of the Physicians in the ICU who are trying to establish the cause of the same. There are enormous tests that have been carried out and the results show that his brain and all the organs are still operative. More tests are yet to be done.

We thank the Staff at Mukono Bookshop and the nurse who had come to buy a book for offering him immediate first aid. We continue to thank all the Physicians at Case Clinic for taking care of his dear life.

We dismiss the photo of the Lift door at the Medical Facility being circulated on dissimilar Social Media platforms claiming it is Hon. Mathias Nsubuga. The intent of circulating the same was pitiless and unsubstantiated; we can’t define it!
We wish to inform you that any immediate official reports about his state will be communicated by the Capacity Strengthening Coordinator; Elvis Kintu Nsonyi available on Tel. 0774682750.

Keep him in prayer.

Hon. Norbert Mao