By Kiyimba Bruno

Speaking to the press yesterday afternoon at Uganda Martyrs hospital Lubaga, Sr Resty Ndagaano said that the Catholic church does not embrace the use of condoms.

Under the theme, “joining hands to scale up HIV prevention”, Uganda Martyrs Hospital  joined the rest of the world to celebrate the world AIDS day.


Sister Ndagaano says that the use use condoms is not the best option to prevent HIV spread. She says those people who visit Lubaga Hospital are advised on the surest way to prevent HIV and that is total abstinence and being faithful to their partners.

She adds that Lubaga being a catholic hospital believes in treatment and total prevention of HIV that work 100%. and use of condoms is not part of that.

lubuga hospital

Sr. Ndagaano continues to say that Lubaga cathedral  is made of with 8 parishes which include Ndeeba, Mutundwe, Lungujja, Nyanama, Kayanja among many more. she says that the hospital  visits these parishes at least once in a month and alerts them of the verge of HIV/AIDS.

According to the survey  made by the hospital, Sr. Ndagaano says that the disease was mostly found among sex workers, boda boda  and fishermen. She says that there was a gap that these people were left behind and no one catered for them. But since they started making night drives in places where sex workers operate from, many peoples lives are being changed.