By Namugerwa Martha

Health Ministry has granted licenses to ten hospitals to administer yellow fever vaccines in Uganda.

Ministry of health permanent secretary Diana Atwine, urged health facilities not to turn yellow fever vaccination into a business venture. A total of 22 health facilities from Kampala, Tororo, Kabale and Entebbe have been given the green light to administer the vaccine by the ministry.


Ministry of health permanent secretary Atwiine Diana has signed a memorandum of understanding with ten health facilities that are authorized to administer yellow fever vaccine in Uganda.

Atwine signed this MOU at the ministry of health headquarters attended by KCCA director of public health Dr. David Serukka, commissioner clinical services Dr. Jackson Amone and hospital representatives.

Atwiine said that many hospitals have been forging yellow cards without administering yellow fever vaccines to Ugandans going abroad.

“We have assessed only ten health facilities to administer yellow fever vaccines.” Atwine said.

She further added that a lot of masquerading, fraud and forgeries are involved in developing yellow fever cards which must stop.

“International travelers will receive yellow fever vaccines and cards only from these accredited health facilities.” Atwiine added.

Some of the hospitals which have been accredited include:

KCCA clinic, Kampala

Mengo Hospital, Kampala

Nakasero Hospital, Kampala

St Catherine Hospital, Kampala

Norvik Hospital, Kampala

Kitante Medical Centre, Kampala

Rushoroza Health centre, Kabala

Airport Medical Centre, Entebbe

Tororo Hospital, Tororo

Masafu Hospita,l busia

Doctors Hospital, Seguku.


Atwiine concluded that facilities at the border points will also undergo accreditation in due time.